Oops! I Did It Again

When I booked my first ever TV show for the soon-after cancelled State of Affairs (RIP 2015), I was so excited I just about had a heart attack. And when Bru drove me to set and casually said, "Oh, and you get your own trailer," I died.

Fast forward to January 5, 2015, the air date for Bellerophon. I was a nervous wreck all day stressing about my performance, whether or not I did too little or too much, and ________ <- insert every actor neurosis here. But 'lo and behold! All my fears were unfounded, and not for the reasons one might think.

Did I make the cut? Yes. Did lil' miss Tour Guide me still open the episode? Yup! Was my entire scene made to look like iPhone footage in post? Uh-huh. Was I unrecognizable and as tiny as can be? HELL, YES! See Exhibit A below as proof.

State of Affairs AINA DUMLAO

But wait, there's more. That, of course, wasn't the worst part. Had I known I was going to be shot like an ant, I wouldn't have told all my family, friends, and even strangers on Facebook to PLEASE WATCH MY EPISODE. I also wouldn't have had to explain to my non-actor family and friends the harsh lessons I just learned: things like these happen all too often.

And yes, there is a silver lining. The fact that I got the audition, booked the part, and made the cut is an experience thousands of actors in town all hope to have. More importantly, I learned the hard way, not to go public something I booked until I've seen the episode and know for a fact that I made the cut and was not shot on a teeny-tiny iPhone screen.

Oh wait...Ooops!

Aina Dumlao Stephanie Scandal