I am NOT Colorblind

While everyone was in uproar over the recent casting of Tilda Swinton and Scarlet Johansson in Asian roles, I have been working on a story near and dear to my heart. And when I say 'everyone', I'm grossly exaggerating. I really meant to say tiny 'pockets' of the industry because the power players, decision makers and game changers have largely been mum about this hollywood whitewashing phenomenon. 

This middle-of-the-night blog post, however, isn't about 'Why Won't Hollywood Cast Asian Actors?' Keith Chow wrote about it perfectly. I'm here to simply make a testament as a reminder and a way to hold myself accountable. I'm here to proclaim that, although I'm barely at step one of the long, thorny, arduous journey of being a filmmaker - made bloodier by the fact that I am female and Asian - I will NOT be colorblind. Instead, my partner-in-crime (Bru) and I will see ALL colors, sexualities, ages, and ethnicities. I want the stories we bring to life to be a mirror that reflects the diversity of the word we live in.  

PS. Keep your fingers crossed for the story we're developing. Its currently at its pre-funding stage! Wish us luck!