Dear Manager X

Dear Manager X,

We met late last year, when I was in between reps. We exchanged a few emails, spoke briefly over the phone and met in person at a Starbucks in Brentwood.

You probably don't remember me. Whilst I was telling you about my background and credentials (you know, after you told me: 'Tell Me About Yourself'), your eyes kept fluttering to and from the girls walking by and in and out of Starbucks. I should have jabbed you in the forehead right then and there.

You also probably don't remember saying this:

"You're Filipino? Hmmmm (picks up my headshot and stares at it with a frown on his face). I just want to be upfront, all you're gonna get are co-star roles."

You probably would've remembered me if I said what was truly on my mind...

... That you, Sir, and your outdated, medieval perspective are a large part of Hollywood's #whitewashedout and lack of diversity issue. You're one of the heads in this giant, seemingly undefeatable Hydra of a problem. Its because of you that Asians are treated like second class citizens in Hollywood. Its one of thing, if you think my acting could be better (trust me, I'm my own worst critic) or that I wasn't the right fit for you. But to imply that because of my ethnicity, all I'll ever be is Nurse #2 saying 'The Doctor will see you now' is just unconscionable and hurtful. And NOT TRUE.

I may be Asian, Filipino-born, but I am no different than any other girl trying to make it out here in Hollywood. I have hopes, dreams, loves and fears. And I won't let you decide what I can or cannot achieve. Just you watch.


PS. You were almost half an hour late to our appointment. That's unprofessional. Just saying.

Also, I'm just gonna leave this right here.