A Day With Agador Spartacus

I am a Mike Nichols fan. His films truthfully point out all of LIFE's quirks and fickleness, its sadness and joys.

Out of all his films I've seen,  Working Girl and The Birdcage are my top 2. While to everyone,  Harrison Ford is Han Solo, to me, he will always be Jack Trainer, in the same way that Robin Williams and Nathan Lane will always be the Goldmans.

And of these two films, The Birdcage edges out Working Girl by a hair because of the performance of one particular actor - then-newcomer Hank Azaria. His portrayal of Goldman's lovable, Guatemalan houseboy - Agador Spartacus - a wonderful spectacle and holds its own against the performances of acting titans Robin Williams, Nathan Lane, Gene Hackman and Diane Wiest.

To a young girl who grew up in the Philippines, watching The Birdcage for the first time on a tiny TV in an equally-tiny apartment ... Agador was pure magic.

Never in my wildest dreams did imagine ever leaving the Philippines and living in Los Angeles, becoming an actress or ever crossing paths with Hank Azaria. And yet, there I was last week, sharing the screen with Hank Azaria (aka Jim Brockmire) in his new IFC series Brockmire. It was a wonderful, surreal - albeit short - experience. It was a much-needed burst of positivity and encouragement in this oftentimes discouraging industry. If only for a day, I shared the screen with Agador Spartacus and, together, made a little bit of magic.